Pulse Surveys in the Workplace

Pulse surveys are brief assessments that are designed to provide feedback on a regular basis. They can be conducted weekly, bi weekly, monthly, bi monthly, quarterly, or at any other intervals. They typically are very short including less than 20 questions. They should only take the respondent 4–5 minutes to complete.

Pulse surveys can be very useful in the workplace. Here are some of the key benefits of using pulse surveys in the workplace:

Frequent feedback. Companies are constantly evolving and growing. Feedback from employees is necessary for overall improvement of a company. While annual surveys provide feedback, they do not do so often enough. Pulse surveys allow for more frequent feedback. Because of this, you can more quickly implement changes based on the feedback in the surveys.

Deal with small issues. More often than not, many of the issues that arise in the workplace are minor ones. Pulse surveys are the best way to deal with these smaller issues. Using feedback from pulse surveys, these issues can be nipped in the bud before they grow into major issues.

Recognizing employee outlook. Pulse surveys in the workplace give employees a voice. They allow employees to express their sentiment. These surveys show employees that higher-ups are listening to employee grievances and are working towards eliminating or reducing them.