Let’s be honest. The idea of passive income is incredibly sexy. You sit around in your pajamas and every day you make a passive income from an income stream you created. The truth is, there are very few truly passive income models and all of the ones worth doing are far from passive at the beginning. Some people consider YouTube to be a passive income source. I tend to disagree with this. I don’t think people understand how much work initially goes into growing a channel. If you are willing to put the hours in, you can build income streams that have the potential to become passive. The truth is, however, many of the old passive income models don’t work anymore. These four, however, are current and up to date. These four passive income models work in 2017 and will continue to going forward. 1. Write a niche specific blog. Blogging has always been a way to build a passive income. But it is 2017 now and the days of posting an opinionated blog talking about random topics are over, unless you get extremely lucky! For the rest of us who don’t rely on luck, there are niche specific blogs. These are blogs that dive deep into a very narrow topic. They are authoritative and very specific. Here is the main problem people make with this, they don’t go deep enough. If you think you have found a niche, go about 5 layers deeper. For example, dog grooming is not a niche. Grooming a teacup yorkie is a niche topic. You can make passive income from a niche blog by placing ads on the site, selling a product you make yourself, selling a resource or a guide or doing affiliate sales of products you talk about. 2. Write an ebook. Ebooks are a great passive income model but you need to know how to sell them. It doesn’t matter if you have the best guide ever written on building a tarantula terrarium if nobody buys it. You need to learn how to sell your ebook, not just how to write it. Your ebook should be very niche specific as well. You want to share your expertise about something you already know a lot about. You can write a manual, a how to guide, a beginner’s guide. There are plenty of options. You can make passive income by selling the ebook or you can leverage the ebook to generate leads for a coaching service or have others sell it as affiliates on sites like ClickBank. 3. Get in on AirBnb. If you have vacant properties, a spare bedroom, a treehouse or leave your own home for weeks out of the year you can rent them to a guest. While this isn’t completely passive, it is a huge trend people are just getting into. Even better, if you have local attractions in the area you can rent out your spare spaces for a premium price. 4. Rental income. The last passive income model for 2017 is rental income. This is the tried and tested passive income model that had made many people millionaires. While it isn’t passive at first, it can become passive once you have enough properties and a management company involved. This passive income model will likely bring you the most money but it is the most difficult to get started with. Website http://ift.tt/2hWvg0t Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RyanOScribner Facebook! http://ift.tt/2k1uEsg Personal Fitness Coaching http://ift.tt/2hEScp0 Related Videos: How To Make Passive Income (7 Proven Ways) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HanBuVXFNM 10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkGWAc9hUC8 If this video brought value to you, please leave a like! If you are looking to find out more about anything I discussed, drop me a comment or contact me on Twitter. Subscribe to be updated on my journey through life! About Me: My name is Ryan Scribner. I am a nutrition and fitness crusader and I consider myself to be a life student of personal development. I am also an investor. I went from being an overweight college student to living at 8% body fat. About two years ago when I started weight lifting, I was completely clueless. I never played sports in high school and I had no base level of fitness established. I made many mistakes, but over time I developed an understanding. I want to help others develop the body, spirit and mind they deserve. In making mistakes along the way and learning from scratch, I have a lot of value to bring to the table. I recommend my content to those interested in the accumulation of wealth, fitness and nutrition as well as personal growth and development. Recently, I made my own happiness a priority after living with depression for over a year. I want to share with you exactly what I did to get to a state of perpetual lasting happiness. I have also spent a great deal of time learning about investment and wealth accumulation. While money alone doesn’t bring happiness, it allows you to experience many things which do bring happiness. Start the journey. Involve the right mentors and coaches. Learn.

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