When is the best time to start cutting for the Summer? After a period of bulking, when is the best time to start a cutting cycle for the Summer? Everyone wants to have a shredded physique for the Summer, but prolonging your bulk as long as possible will give you the best results when you finally shred down. You don’t want to start it too early and miss out on muscle gains and you don’t want to start it too late and lose weight more aggressively than planned. There are a number of factors to consider when determining when to start a cutting cycle. First of all, what is your weight loss goal or desired body fat percentage? How much time are you going to have? How fast or slow is your metabolism? What is your body type and fat storage tendencies? The ideal scenario is this; clean bulk as long as possible and ease into a cut. A less ideal scenario is when your bulk went a little too well and you have a lot of extra weight to lose. If you are looking to lose over 20 pounds, you likely fall into the less ideal scenario. Here are the three things you need to account for when planning a cut: 1. How much fat do you need to lose? Remember, 1 pound of fat is about 3,500 calories. You want to lose fat while preserving muscle mass. The best pace for weight loss is 1 pound per week, or a deficit of 500 calories per day. This means a 2 to 3 month cut to lose 10 pounds and a 4 to 5 month cut to lose 20 pounds. Aggressive deficits result in more fat loss but long duration’s of this take a toll on your metabolism. Men should never go below a 1,500 calorie deficit and women should never go below a 1,200 calorie deficit. 2. How does a caloric deficit affect you? Everyone responds differently to a caloric deficit. You need to pay attention to your energy levels, your sleep and your overall mood. For some, they feel fine in a deficit. For others, there is a period of unhappiness during the transition. Remember to keep protein levels high to preserve muscle mass. Keep track of how you are feeling as well. It is important to get enough sleep and hydration throughout the day. 3. Are you mentally prepared? A successful cut requires planning, meal and supplement prepping, consistent training, tracking of progress, adjusting and compromise from other activities in life. If you can’t stick to an eating plan 100%, incorporate one carbohydrate load day or one cheat meal a week. Remember, a cheat meal reboots your weight regulation hormones and helps with weight loss. Remember to plan for setbacks; both expected ones and unexpected ones. If you have upcoming vacations, family events or business travel give yourself an extra week or two as a buffer. When to start a cut: Lose 10lbs @ 1lb a week = 12 weeks Lose 15lbs @ 1lb a week = 17 weeks Lose 20lbs @ 1lb a week = 22 weeks Lose 10lbs @ 1.5lbs a week = 9 weeks Lose 15lbs @ 1.5lbs a week = 12 weeks Lose 20lbs @ 1.5lbs a week = 16 weeks Lose 10lbs @ 2lbs a week = 7 weeks Lose 15lbs @ 2lbs a week = 10 weeks Lose 20lbs @ 2lbs a week = 12 weeks Website http://ift.tt/2hWvg0t Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RyanOScribner Facebook! http://ift.tt/2k1uEsg Personal Fitness Coaching http://ift.tt/2hEScp0 Related Articles: Plan Your Perfect Shred: 5 Steps To A Better Cut http://ift.tt/2kX5h9U Bulk Cut Cycle Length — How long to bulk? When to cut? http://ift.tt/2lkM4lY If this video brought value to you, please leave a like! If you are looking to find out more about anything I discussed, drop me a comment or contact me on Twitter. Subscribe to be updated on my journey through life! About Me: My name is Ryan Scribner. I am a nutrition and fitness crusader and I consider myself to be a life student of personal development. I am also an investor. I went from being an overweight college student to living at 8% body fat. About two years ago when I started weight lifting, I was completely clueless. I never played sports in high school and I had no base level of fitness established. I made many mistakes, but over time I developed an understanding. I want to help others develop the body, spirit and mind they deserve. In making mistakes along the way and learning from scratch, I have a lot of value to bring to the table. I recommend my content to those interested in the accumulation of wealth, fitness and nutrition as well as personal growth and development. Recently, I made my own happiness a priority after living with depression for over a year. I want to share with you exactly what I did to get to a state of perpetual lasting happiness. I have also spent a great deal of time learning about investment and wealth accumulation. While money alone doesn’t bring happiness, it allows you to experience many things which do bring happiness. Start the journey. Involve the right mentors and coaches. Learn.

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