Here is a question I got from one of my followers on twitter. Is it possible to specifically target lower belly fat? For that matter, can you target fat loss at all? The realistic answer is no, but the scientific answer is yes. One of the biggest fitness rumors that has stood the test of time is that crunches and sit ups target abdominal or lower belly fat. This, unfortunately, is completely untrue. To explain this I want to first explain how your body burns fat: First, glucose is gradually released into your bloodstream and used as an energy source. Once the glucose storages are depleted, your body needs an alternate energy source. A signal is sent to your brain to switch over into a state of ketosis. “Ketosis” — A process where you burn fat for energy. Hormones activate an enzyme known as lipase which signals fat cells to release triglycerides into the bloodstream. These triglycerides are either converted into glycerol or sent directly to starving muscles and used as energy. The depleted fat cells shrink as a result. Here is the truth about lower belly fat. Men are more prone to stubborn fat storage around the abdomen and genetics play a huge role in this. Your body tends to have areas where it prefers to store fat, and each person has different fat storage tendencies. So how do you go about losing lower belly fat, is it possible to target fat loss to certain areas of the body? Kind of. Let me explain the receptors. Fat cells have two receptors; alpha-receptors and beta-receptors. Beta-receptors encourage fat burning. They are your friend. Alpha-receptors encourage fat storage. They are your enemy. Stubborn fat storages (a.k.a. lower belly fat storages) have more alpha-receptors giving them a tendency to store fat. The biggest contributor to fat storage is a high carbohydrate diet, as alpha-receptors are sensitive to insulin. Your best option to eliminate overall body fat is to exercise on an empty stomach and eat a low carbohydrate diet. So how can you specifically target lower belly fat loss? The biosignature modulation method. Hormones play a small role in determining where your body stores fat. By correcting hormonal imbalances, you can encourage your body to store less fat. For example, elevated testosterone levels in men was found to reduce fat storage in the arms. Stress can contribute to abdominal fat storage as well. Though this sounds promising, hormonal correction provides a very negligible effect on targeted fat loss. Most consider it to be unnoticeable. Technically speaking, specific exercises can cause targeted fat reduction because blood flow and ketosis are higher in the fat tissue closest to the activated muscles. However, this is not a noticeable difference. The Truth about targeted fat loss: You lose weight first in the last place you gained it. The stubborn fat storages in your body (lower belly fat) will be the last places you lose weight. There is no noticeable way to target fat loss in any area of your body. Your best bet is to exercise fasted, eat a low carbohydrate diet and keep your heart rate elevated during training. High rep training with high intensity interval training maximizes blood flow as well as ketosis. I hope this video helped to explain the science behind targeted fat loss and why you really can’t eliminate lower belly fat. Please comment below if you have any fitness questions you would like me to answer! Website Follow me on Twitter! Personal Fitness Coaching Related Articles: Can you Spot Target Fat Deposits? Targeted Fat Loss: Myth or Reality? If this video brought value to you, please leave a like! If you are looking to find out more about anything I discussed, drop me a comment or contact me on Twitter. Subscribe to be updated on my journey through life!

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