A New Drawing in 4B

“The Crew”, Graphite on Paper, 18"x24" July 2017

“The Crew”

A New Drawing in 4B.

The Crew is new drawing on paper completed in early July of 2017. I wanted to limit myself to only one pencil, a 4B. The 4B is versatile but can easily come off way too dark very early on in the shading process. This was the case here, however, I loved it! I wanted to make a darker drawing, in value that is. The content is a celebration of life. We see friends joined together by art, music and dance. Its also a homage to the NYC b-boy & b-girl style that I have been inspired by for so many years. I love making drawings!

The drawing is sized at 18" X 24" and is on standard recycled drawing paper. Would you like to purchase this drawing or commission me to make for you? Contact me at — ryan at ryanseslow.com

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