ETH-USD Trading Update
Adam White

So you GDAX guys may win the legal battle here and the hard power may be on your side, but the laws of soft power say that your entire business has been destroyed by this trader or traders who did this. I saw things online about how someone used multiple accounts all trading at once kind of like how napoleon said march separate and fight together.. Regardless, i dont see a situation where there isnt a basic flood of assets flowing out of your platform and whoever did this to you guys destroyed everything you built with GDAX.

I actually didnt have a satoshi on your exchange and i know this is one heck of a mess for you guys over there but if you dont announce features which will make this kind of action impossible again and make that the focus of the coming PR wave with you guys, you will be something people dont trust for even for misleading people they don't like into your exchange.

Here we stand now where are we going should be the name of the game because if you dont say, yea that sucked but here is why it will not happen again, you guys are never going to work with crypto again, and thats not entirely your fault but its is a reality.