Snapstorm: Decentralization and Decentralized Apps

Screenshot of YouTube video. Watch the actual video below.

What is decentralization? Why is it important? What are decentralized apps?

Decentralization is such a large driving force for many software projects, but the term is often misunderstood. In this video I attempt to shed light on the topic, covering everything from decentralized apps to the implications of decentralization for users, developers and society as a whole.

Decentralization Snapstorm on YouTube

Topics Covered

  1. What is decentralization?
  2. How do we as a society benefit if we push towards decentralization?
  3. What are decentralized applications?
  4. How do users benefit from decentralized apps?
  5. How do developers benefit from decentralized apps?
  6. What is the different between self-hosted apps and decentralized apps?
  7. Is there a trend in decentralization?
  8. Case study 1: Media
  9. Case study 2: Commerce
  10. Case study 3: App discovery

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