Snapstorm: What is Identity? Self-sovereign Identity and the Blockchain

Screenshot of the YouTube video. Watch the actual video below.

Today I was inspired to get outside and record a video (a stapstorm or storm of snapchat clips) on some thoughts that have been floating around my head regarding identity.

In the video, I look at the concept of identity through a philosophical lens, attempting to get at the core of what identity really is. Then, I move on to the applicability of identity to blockchain technology and introduce the concept of self-sovereign identity. A more complete list of topics can be found below.

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Enjoy :)

Topics Covered

  • The distinction between identity and essence
  • The Ship of Theseus (Theseus’ Paradox)
  • Aristotle’s four causes of existence
  • Time as a fourth dimension and temporal indicators of identity
  • The blockchain as a provider of temporal continuity
  • Linking real world identity to cryptographic identity
  • Self-sovereign identity as an alternative to hierarchical issuance models

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