The Comprehensive Speaker Guide to Consensus 2016

Consensus 2016, the premier conference for the Blockchain technology and digital currency/bitcoin industry, came to a close this Wednesday.

Since then, I’ve been spending time following up with people I met and reaching out to people I didn’t get to meet, and as part of this process, I thought it’d be valuable to compile lists of all of the speakers from Consensus 2016 in an easy-to-digest format and then share it with the world.

Below you’ll find my comprehensive speaker guide to Consensus 2016, which includes separate tables for the keynotes, main room panels, track panels, and workshop panels. Each speaker is listed with their affiliation and session name, as well as some additional useful details.

And of course, if you have any comments on how to improve on this resource, I’d love to hear from you (@ryaneshea on Twitter).


Main Room Panels

Track Panels

Workshop Panels

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