Everyone Wants You To Win.

Some of my friends are presenting on a huge stage next week. A stage I almost flopped on last year — The LAUNCH Festival. But, what I have to say is bigger than LAUNCH. It has to do with every presentation you will ever give. EVERYONE WANTS YOU TO WIN. Let me repeat that again:


Presenting anything, especially something you’ve poured months if not years of yourself into, is nerve-racking. Add thousands of people you don’t know to the mix and it’s verifiably frightening. But remember — everyone you present to wants to witness magic. They want you to transcend the stage and give them something wonderful.

Our scary stage experience (O___o)

Though trolls exist, they are few and far between. Their voices are loud and it’s often all that we hear, but the truth is that everyone in the audience wants you to succeed. Why would they spend their week looking at idiots? Why would they waste their time on you? Getting on stage and going beyond what you thought possible is not only what you dream of, it’s what the audience hopes for.

If you’re willing to believe that the majority of individuals have no desire to waste precious hours, you must also accept that they want to see you soar. Soar to heights you never thought you could. They want to see you hit that game winning three-pointer, and they want to tell their friends about it. Every single person in attendance wants you to win. To succeed. To witness the birth of something amazing.

You don’t need to picture them naked. You just need to picture them for who they are — your largest support group.

This switch in thinking is the most fundamental business lesson I’ve received in my life. It’s so easy to believe that other people want to crush us. To make fun of us. To reveal to the world the truths of our own worthlessness. But when you stop being worried and start thinking logically, you realize that doesn’t make sense.

The average person looks to an individual on a stage and wants to be inspired. They want to aspire to be on that stage, and you giving the performance of a lifetime does just that.

2nd and 3rd place aspiring for first. Do do do do you have it? GUTS.

Whether you’re launching your next tech product at LAUNCH Festival, performing in sports, or dancing in front of a crowd — the world, overwhelmingly, wants you to win. Never forget this. The more important the audience, the less they want to waste their time. Getting up in front of people is just your opportunity to give them what they want — an amazing show — no matter what the subject matter. The audience isn’t against you. They’re your largest supporters.

Much love and support to everyone presenting at LAUNCH Festival 2016.

And if you want to re-live our blunders on-stage last year, you can check them out here: https://youtu.be/uZSqOUJ9Kgc