Me and Mom In Xanadu

Dedicated to Mom: you taught me how to live, love and laugh!

The time has come and she is gone

Her pain has lifted and she is home

Love echos through the universe in search of a song

I feel it racing through my head

Dancing in my heart

Not sure how to find it

Where even to start

I grab my bike and pedal fast

Ride for miles with wind in my sail

Arrive where many times I have been

This place I go to wash away sin

I have a key…and let myself in

It’s late and no one is here

My private sanctuary to quiet my fear

I reach for my headphones and tell Siri: “play”

Ryan’s Totally Awesome 80’s mix gets underway

The music pulses and bounces as I move

Songs fade in, out and move past in a blur

I lift the weights harder and higher

Just to get closer to her

I wait for the song to find me

Thinking grief will subside

Lift me higher or simply hide

I almost give up and throw in the towel

And just when I’m not able to bring her near

Mom takes the (playlist) wheel

To let me know she’s still here

I hear a melody that makes me smile

Words I’d recognize across thousands of miles

“A place where nobody dared to go

The love we came to know”

Mom…what did you do?

“Open your eyes and see what it is real”

Oh, Mom, bless your heart….it’s Xanadu!

Olivia Newton John whispers in my ear

But it’s Mom’s voice I hear

When I look up and wipe away a tear

“A million lights are dancing

And there you are

A shooting star

An everlasting world”

Mom, now the words I hear

Tell me you’ll always be near

Your love travels through millions of years

Lives through the tears and quiets my fears

It comes to a place my mother knew

A place of magnificence and beauty known as….Xanadu.

Ryan Siskow is a People Capability Consultant, Social Media Strategist and Author. He lives in Iowa but is ‘virtually’ everywhere.

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