Book One: Syrise Swiftblade- The Dark Brotherhood

Chapter One


“Captain’s Log Star-date 92920.08: StoutZulu Gaming reporting. I know, normally I play Minecraft and you cats, and kids get to sit back, relax and watch as I fumble around in my storage system while I’m trying to build something cool. Today, however, we’ve got a different plan on the docket.” A voice says from off camera, like the voice of a god booming out over eternity. It was the voice of the YouTuber known as Captain StoutZulu Gaming, called such because his Minecraft skin is that of a nerdy clean-shaven…

Unsure What To Do With My Life or How Much ADHD Sucks

So, the last time I wrote on here I was trying to do a writing challenge which would help me begin to produce content on a regular basis. We’re not going to talk about how hilariously bad that idea crashed and burned. I want to at least try to stay positive about things. With all that’s going on in the world right now we don’t need one more person winning about life in general. Which is funny considering what I’m planning on writing about.

The topic for today’s…

Medium 42 Day Life Changing Challenge: Day 3- “New Year’s Resolutions”

I’ve run into one of those moments where I know what I had in mind to write about when I was coming up with my content list, but now that it’s come time to sit down and write said content… I mean, I know The title has an implication behind it, but I can’t help but think I meant it as a ironic or cynical in someway. I don’t have the best personal experience with New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, I have a pretty typical relationship with them. …

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(I’m totally counting this as if it was posted on 12/15 because it was written on 12/15, I just didn’t have time to type it. That’s the problem with handwriting things. It takes forever to write, and even longer to type.)

Okay, so, today’s topic is going to be one of the most cliched topics ever, but it’s an extremely important topic to discuss for a couple of reasons. What is that topic? Where do I see myself in five years?

Five Years Down The Road

Where do I see myself in five years time, and why is it such an important question to ask.

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Okay, along with this post I’m going to put up a kind of table of contents post. It will have links to the posts that have already been written, today’s post, and I’ll be adding links to the other posts as they’re… well… posted.

Beyond that, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of today’s post.


I’ve run into this sort of concept before. The pretest I mean. I had to take one at the beginning of both of my remedial math courses in college. The idea behind these pretests was to gauge the extent of my knowledge and skill…

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Looks like we’re sitting back at the beginning again. Not surprising, primarily because I was trying to start the new challenge the same day my vacation started, and my motivation to do anything evaporated entirely. I basically spent five days in my recliner doing nothing. Nothing productive anyway.

I need to make a lot of changes. A lot. And, that’s the entire point of this challenge. It’s meant to restructure my life in a way I might be happy with.

The Button Is Recessed

In a theoretical sense, I know what I need to do to fix my life. On paper it works, and…

Press and hold for life changing results.

So, it’s been 13 days since my last challenge post, but… I’ve got a reason for why there was such a gap, and an explanation of what to expect in the coming months.


Here’s a brief explanation as to why I dropped the ball on the third day of the first attempt of this challenge. From personal experience, I knew the way I’d been going about writing my challenge posts was unsustainable if I wasn’t going to be at work to write them. This is in part because I had already geared my mind towards writing these posts at work…

Guess what!!! It’s day 3, and I’m still posting… barely.

I still have no idea what to write about because, once again, I didn’t sit down and work on getting…

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Hello boys and girls, and welcome to day two of my self imposed writing challenge. Frankly, I’m personally surprised that I’ve made it this far without crapping out, but… we’ve still got forty days to go so…

Anywho, like yesterday, I still don’t know what I should be writing about, and I didn’t spend any time today brainstorming some ideas for a series of thematic posts. It’s not that I didn’t mean not to sit down and do it, it just… well, it did honestly slip my mind. I was pretty focused on my Pokemon Go progress today, and I’ve…

Clifford Chi,

It’s Day 1 of my self imposed 42 Day challenge to post on Medium every day for 42 days and I’ve really got no idea what I should write about.

I mean, I guess I could try to come up with some sort of theme for the posts. Have a different topic for each day like they do with those update challenges on Facebook or something. Maybe… That might be something to work into similar future challenges, and it’s probably something I would implement before “officially” challenging someone else to participate in my challenge. (That’s if this ever gets to…

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