University Time Management

I have 4 modules per semester, I allocate one day (from 9am to 7pm) a week to each of those modules using the following rules:

  • If I have a single lecture in a day, I’ll allocate the day to that module.
  • If I have multiple lectures in a day, I do not allocate the day to any module, instead I do bits and pieces for the modules that I have that day.
  • If I have no lectures in a day, I’ll allocate that day to one of the modules that has not been allocated a day.

Obviously with 4 modules, 3 days are unallocated, I use these days to do extra work on any of my modules. The modules that I choose to do extra work on, depend on the nearest assignments or tests. For example, at the beginning of a semester, I usually focus on the module(s) with the earliest assignment deadline.

As an example, I currently have four modules which I’ll call A, B, C, and D. At the beginning of the semester, the following days had the following lectures:

  • Monday = 2 lectures for modules A and B
  • Wednesday = 1 lecture for module C
  • Thursday = 1 lecture for module D

Using the rules above, I allocated the following days to the following modules:

  • Tuesday to module A
  • Wednesday to module C
  • Thursday to module D
  • Friday to module B

This leaves Monday, Saturday, and Sunday unallocated to work on the earliest assignments or tests. However, on Monday I usually do work for modules A and B because I have lectures for those modules on Monday.

I’m currently in my final year, I’ve been using this method for the last two years with successful results.

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