Qualities of a Reliable Whistleblower Lawyer

The concept of judicial system has been there for more than a thousand year. And, lawyers have always been there to help individuals get the right judgment in their favor. The chances of your winning in a court case, entirely depends on the qualities of your lawyer. (If not entirely, greatly!)

If you have gain consciousness about an activity of scam or corruption in a government sector, you can bring it into the notice of government or concerned department by blowing whistle against the activity and/or involved individuals. The False Claims Act, propounded by the government, facilitates one to sue the scammers and the dishonest, on behalf of the government. Although the law abides one to take legal action against the corrupt individuals, there are certain things that only a False Claims Act attorney can help you understand. It, therefore, becomes crucial to consult one such lawyer, who holds a strong knowledge about this particular law.

If you are looking for whistleblower lawyer, here are a few essential qualities that he must preserve, and you should check it, before you hire him/her/them –

Reliability — Who is reliable and who is not can be easily evaluated during initial sittings. When you are thinking over using your right of whistleblowing against corruption, you need to make sure that your attorneys do not have any such connection and they are the one who you can rely on.

Experience — Experience is earned! For a lawyer, with a good experience in handling the lawsuits related to whistleblowing, it will be easy to make you learn the details of court procedures. With their knowledge and expertise, they will be throwing right pieces of advice toward you, regarding the case and law.

Analytical skills — Apart from reliability and experience, now let us talk about other sets of skills that make a lawyer a good lawyer. An attorney should own great analytical skills, so he/she can analyze the severity and criticality of your case.

Research — The duty of an attorney is not just limited to providing law consultation and advocating or representing his/her clients before the court. When a good lawyer takes on a case, he/she researches about it, and tries to find out its actuality.

Confidence — This is something missing in novice advocates. This is why, you should always depend on highly-experienced professional law practitioners or a dedicated law firm. Without confidence, your lawyer would not be able to present your side, and your case will be a loose affair, going into the hands of the opposition.

When you are out on your search for a reliable whistleblower lawyer, you should review all these quality in them. Further, you need to ensure that they have necessary certifications and credentials for being in the court.

Haberslaw.com is a highly experienced legal firm, run by renowned attorney Kenneth Joel Haber. Mr. Haber is a former Assistant United States Attorney and a former Senior Attorney of the Office of Inspector General, HHS. Prior to those experiences, Mr. Haber was a Priority Security Asset for the FBI. Mr. Haber’s unique experiences make him prominent Whistleblower Lawyer and False Claims Act Attorney.