Social and Emotional Learning Starts and Ends on the Bus — Round Rock ISD

We all have memories of the school bus. Whether those memories are good or bad, riding the school bus evokes emotion. For most of our students, their bus driver is the first and last Round Rock ISD face they see every day. Likewise for many their driver is a consistent influence across multiple grade levels and through multiple siblings. A strong student and driver relationship can pay as large of dividends over multiple years as strong student and teacher relationships do.

I had the pleasure of spending two afternoons recently learning with the Round Rock ISD bus driving team as they were prepping for the 2016–17 school year. Along with learning their routes and new safety procedures, the drivers also spent time talking about establishing culture, building relationships, and developing rapport quickly with students. More than 200 bus drivers attended the sessions facilitated by elementary assistant principals, Reba Mussey and Jenny Strong.

The duo pulled on their work on campus with several different relationship-building systems including The Leader in Me, Capturing Kids Hearts, and Raving Fans. A highlight was this video from Steve Gilliland:

The Schools & Innovation and Teaching & Learning divisions will continue to partner with the RRISD transportation department throughout the school year. A key focus is providing support for the social and emotional learning of our students as they start and end their learning each day.

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