may be your best financial move for 2016! Here are some tips for owners that could make this your most profitable year! #shoppingannuity is truly changing the way the world does business and the way consumers buy product. recently announced the #shoppingannuity - a system that allows anyone who’s shopping online to earn a piece of the profit margin once reserved for the selling company. In addition to earning cash back on qualifying online purchases - the company offer the ability for someone to become a owner and expand income earning potential in 3 ways:

1. Owners shop online at over 3,000 stores and earn cash back. The average cash back earned can vary but average over $1,000 annually.
2. Owners, in addition to the cash back, receive trackable volume points that add up and can pay up to $1500 weekly per business. Not only is volume earned for personal spending, but it’s earned every time a customer shops and can be shared throughout the entire organization! 
3. Owners have the ability to retail in multiple billion dollar industries with exclusive brands and products. This produces another stream of income and retail profit.

If you don’t have a business, click here to learn how it works

Tips on how to make 2016 your year leveraging

  1. Have a clear vision and reason WHY you are building a business.
    It’s important to ask: Why are you in business? What impact do you want to make? Why are you willing to make sacrifices to build a company? What do you want that you currently can’t get and why is it important for you to have it? You see, will become a vehicle to get what you want bc it offers leverage. When you have leveraged income you have the ability to multiply the amount of money you make without increase the hours you work. Get clear on this bc ultimately it will cause you to grind and work rather than retreat every time things get inconvenient - and you better bet life will.
  2. Lead with and become a pro - SHOPPING ANNUITY
    The fact is that the world is shopping the way we are used to - but that way is old, expensive, time consuming and never makes us money. When you start shopping using the shopping annuity - you save on gas, repairs, time (instant savings of over $9,000 annually) and you are linked to and other owners/customers causing your spending to turn into profits! This is no different than how we used to search. There was a time when you needed something and you grabbed a yellow pages - now what do you do? Google it! There will be a day when you shop when you only shop through and the shopping annuity bc the other way no longer makes sense. Everyone should own a shopping annuity even if its to initially just shop - they’ll earn while shopping and then they can learn the business, build a customer base and build a 6 figure income! Lead with this!
  3. Attend all’s major trainings
    Throughout the year offers trainings around the country for a low cost (far lower than other seminars, conferences or training sessions businesses hold). In particular you have local seminars 4x per year, 2 major events in Miami and North Carolina and a regional. Make it a point to get to your next event in your area and learn from the best on how to build this business!
  4. Build up your network and contact a min of 2 per week.
    Exanding distribution is the fastest way to grow and expand your income as well as your teams. Get a top 100 list together from FB or other networking platforms and invite them on overviews (webinars, in person overviews etc). Most people try and contact 2 to 5 and then stop. The reality today is that 2.3 billion people are on social media sites and you have access to meet them. Show 2 per week how the shopping annuity works 2x52 weeks = 104 people in 1 year! You only need 2–4 great partners and you can develop one business to $187,000 per year! It’s not about them, it’s about who they could lead to. make the contacts.
  5. Duplication through application
    Unlike other home/web businesses - our business is about duplicating and repeat volume. This is not a “recruitment game” This is expand, help build volume through shopping annuity and building a retail base that creates residual income. When you find someone interested, begin by making it work right away! Don’t leave it to chance or hope they can figure it out - make a plan, work together and make it happen WITH THEM!

There’s never been a better time to build a business with The company is paying out higher commissions than ever before, the world is moving to social shopping and online ordering vs in store and entrepreneurship is a trend out of necessity.

If you want to work with our team, contact We’ll show you the overview, answer your questions and start to make it work first before you have to make a decision to start! Make this the year you finally stop talking about it and finally start to just do it!