Can borrow, borrow make Nigeria shine?
Dr Ola Brown (Orekunrin)

You raise a very good point. The situation in Nigeria is a difficult one, and I won’t pretend to know what they can or should do to reconcile their need for additional funds and the need to stimulate investment(by reducing their deficit) to survive economically in a changing Africa. As if their situation wasn’t sticky enough the presence of 150 million mouths needing food and fresh water, only raises the stakes and further blurs the line between what is moral and rational.

Similar arguments, to the ones which the doctor is making in this article could easily be applied to the dependency governments like Nigeria are developing in regards to the first world nations and organizations which fund such large portions of these nations medical, educational and individual’s needs.

We can’t force corporations and countries to continue loaning money to states which make no promise of repaying. And we cannot allow entire peoples to live by virtue of assistance given them from abroad which by definition could stop at any given moment.

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