A woman stands at a board while discussing what is written on post-it notes as people sitting around a desk listen to her.
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CMOs are being replaced and renamed as chief customer officers, chief revenue officers, chief strategy officers, and chief growth officers. Marketing is no longer being siloed as a separate function, but instead integrated more closely into areas such as sales, product, technology, and operations.

This past year, companies including Uber…

Zaya & Azalyn, embrace the journey of life. Open your heart and see the world through other’s eyes. There is much to learn. And when you are bigger, you will move mountains.

Dream big little princess.

Each day there is a canvas ready to be painted.

Live, learn, pass on.

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My early startup experience taught me more than an education ever could. I learned more about myself, about the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship and developing a profitable and defensible product or service.

I also learned that starting a business is tough. It’s even more difficult when you don’t…

Dear Ryan, you will fail. Failure is not the end.

A little hardship, some challenges, some deprivation. You can overcome it all, even if just to prove to yourself that you can. Failure is painful and humbling. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Letting your kids hear stories about how you put…

Ryan Stoner

Advertising Executive Head of Strategy & Startup Founder. Family, fitness, travel, startups, marketing, and adventures pretty much summarize my passions.

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