Stoner’s Startup Toolkit (for entrepreneurs and founders)

If you are looking for a toolkit to start a cannabis business this isn’t it, but it definitely can help.

Ryan Stoner
Aug 14 · 8 min read
Photo by Luis Tosta on Unsplash

My early startup experience taught me more than an education ever could. I learned more about myself, about the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship and developing a profitable and defensible product or service.

I also learned that starting a business is tough. It’s even more difficult when you don’t have the right startup resources, to do what needs to be done in time. You’re moving quickly, learning new things as you go. So I decided to tidy up my startup resources as of way of documenting my own personal experience so that I am better equipped for my future venture and staying committed to the journey and finding the next idea.

My hope is that this startup toolkit can help talented young dreamers navigate through the extensive amount of resources out there. It’s a mix of articles and links to my personal archive of resources from my own startup experience. This list is updated from time to time as I collect articles or blog posts that inspire me or I find continual value from. Please feel free to suggest additional resources to be added to the list.

Startup Wisdom

Business Model & Picking Metrics

Team & Recruiting

Fundraising & Exiting

Marketing: General

Marketing: Growth Hacking & Customer Acquisition

Sales and Sales Management

Leadership and Management

Investor Communication

Startup Post Mortems

Founder Life & Advice


Other Startup Libraries

Startup tools That Entrepreneurs Can Use

Coming Up With Good Ideas

Ryan Stoner

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Advertising Head of Strategy & Startup Founder. Family, fitness, travel, startups, marketing, and adventures pretty much summarize my passions.

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