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an Open Letter to Ev Williams.

What am I doing wrong? (#Day48)

Dear Ev Williams,

What am I doing wrong?

I am currently undertaking a blogging initiative called #100DaysOfBlogging.

When I first started posting on #Day1, it was emotionally rooted yet clear.

When I posted to Facebook on #Day2, my self-challenge was fairly on a whim. It was difficult to dream of where it may lead. See “Why I’m undertaking #100DaysOfBlogging”.

On #Day4 I took a day trip to New York City and wrote the post which has the most recommendations of any yet — “An American Urban-theory exposé..”

On #Day6, I wrote an Open Letter to President Obama to make college education free! And it got my most comments yet (6 :-) and also my second-most views. This was the first time that a post nearly went viral.

On #Day8, when I began my four-part series about leaving Ann Arbor, I channeled raw emotion and personal stories about breakups and startup failures with hustling and travel vignettes sprinkled in. These posts were grand and “difficult to read”.

On #Day13, my best friend got married.

On #Day14 and #Day15, I tried to expose an underlying truth about the role of groups in our lives and why it is hurting America at its core through perpetuating income inequality, creating a general lack of expressiveness, and enabling humans to game the system. [Sidenote: The #Day15 post was titled “In Defense of Greek Life”, and it makes sense that this received the most views and reads yet.]

On #Day19, I nearly went crazy, but had enough support to post “Please Read my Blog.”

On #Day20, I had internalized everyone’s feedback as something to view positively, and to not let trolls get under my skin. I wrote “I have a New Habit”.

On #Day31, I went to New York City, again. My marketing experiment during halftime of the Super Bowl worked, as the post had to be deleted from Hackathon Hackers due to bickering between members.

On #Day32, “Official Donald Trump” started following me on Medium. Was it actually him, by the way?

On #Day37, I wrote “Dear Doubters”. On #Day39, I wrote “What will a world of self driving cars look like”. On #Day43, I released a very deep Love Letter onto the internet.

Little did I know on #Day1 that today, my aforementioned post from #Day39 would be able to appear on (at 4:30 ET today).

Evan — when I first started writing, I was bringing an unbounded and new approach to all-of-this. “A unique style to writing”, I tell people. [Sidenote and disclaimer: It’s a lot easier to break the rules within any industry if they hadn’t been stressed to you. Like a monkey painting aimlessly.]

No one was editing my work; Bitcoinist thought I was going to focus on advertisement sales, and TheSexyPolitico didn’t even know of me… until Joe (@BroJoeDroJoe on Soundcloud) provided that introduction.

I haven’t taken an English class in 6 years, but that hasn’t stopped me. I’m just a business major and “frat guy”, (as some commentaries have claimed) anyway.

Thankfully, my readers are now starting to believe. Believe what I’m saying, and believe in me. I’ve now had 7 posts on, for one.

Little could I have imagined before writing how powerful and challenging the creative process is. There’s no better way to learn about yourself more than resisting the temptation that is consuming information in return for producing it.

None of my posts have gotten 100 “Recommends” on Medium, yet.

What am I doing wrong?

Awesome Medium you’ve created here, by the way.


#Day48 , #100DaysOfBlogging