Every word, is a bullet, is a pearl.

The power of using words. (#Day91)

Every word. Is a bullet. Is a pearl.

This is what the screen at the art gallery in Hong Kong read, innocently, sitting on the shelf staring. The statement was part of a graduate project by Jeejung Kim, and really rang true.

Whether your writing, texting a friend, or speaking to someone face-to-face, there’s intense value in the selection of each and every word we choose. Words create the world around us. They silo and shape our perceptions. They are our reality.

Words have a unique quality in their permanence and individuality in meaning. Like HTML on the web, words within each language are a set of standards, which help ensure that ideas are not confused. If you say something, people will hear what you mean.

Be careful, the sword is double-edged.

Remember: Every word, is a bullet, is a pearl.

“Every word, is a bullet, is a pearl”, video, 3min. 10sec., 2008
“How do we take words -one of the crucial codes of interacting with others- the invisible existence,
the soundings, so often unreserved that they may be heard as necessary toxin. 
How do we accept the field named ambiguity, where other’s hurl their responses, retorts and remarks-. 
How do we swallow the bitter ripples that a thrown stone causes in our wells-. 
How do we withstand the injured body from the bullet left under the skin-. 
And how long do we have to pretend there is no pain- until the wound heals over in time and becomes a scar-.
The mouth, the mouth that brings us to a gate of thoughts, is the muzzle of a cold metal gun, 
and the tongue is the trigger that expels the bullet.
When the bullets leave the body and penetrate the target, water in the receiver’s inner world stains, 
a metaphor for the forceful character of words and our aggressive way of communicating. 
However, i believe, the contamination of the water depends on the receiver’s way of taking words as bullets or as pearls. 
We can willingly name ourselves as victim through the wall of negativity and hardening of life, 
however, culturing bullets into pearls and purifying the water back to what it was, is never an impossibility.”
— Jeejung Kim

#Day91 , #100DaysOfBlogging

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