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Green Street Hooligans, real life.

What it’s like to go to West Ham. (#Day85)

Attending a West Ham United football match in East London is decidedly different than what you find in the movie Green Street Hooligans.

In the movie, an American writer shows up to the local pub and ground to harsh stares, hooliganism, and passionate fans.

In real life, an I (a writer) showed up to the Boleyn Pub, the primary supporters bar, to jubilant laughs, welcoming demeanor, and beer aplenty. People were really friendly, and thought it was hilarious and awesome that I supported West Ham oversees.

Outside, a statue of West Ham’s 3 World Cup Heroes from 1966, Bobby Moore (a Left Back, said to be the greatest footballer ever by Pelé), Geoff Hurst (a forward), and George Best (a forward). There’s also a statue of Mr. Moore outside of Wembley stadium.

On the streets, the 112 year old Boleyn Ground is tucked away in a dungy, Lakeview-like East London neighborhood. West Ham apparel stands, fried chicken and hamburger street carts, and Arab owned general stores and bakeries fill the avenue’s shops. The stadium feels a lot like Wrigley Field, except there’s the energy and passion of a college football game.

With the game itself neatly packed into a two hour window, and no commercials do to the running clock, soccer is a sort of chess for the body. West Ham fan’s adhere to the “West Ham way”, meaning they’d rather lose 4–3 then draw 0–0.

The Boleyn Ground — “enjoy your football”, as the locals say. It’s been a crazy 112 years of soccer. Here’s to 112 more at Olympic.

#Day85 , #100DaysOfBlogging

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