I have a New Habit.

I have a weird habit, part 2. (#Day20)

I have a New Habit. Another weird one.

This is part 2 of the “I have a Weird Habit” post from #Day7.

For the 6 posts to follow this, I will not say the word “I”.

When you don’t talk about yourself, writing becomes a lot easier.

People will be less annoyed by it too.

Channeling my inner Dave Fontenot here.

Have you ever not talked about yourself for an hour? It enables you to let the people your talking to open up, and forces you to become a better listener.

The week when I received the most consistently positive feedback was during my first week of writing here, posts from #Day1 thru #Day6. These got way better feedback than the posts since then. Especially recently. My recent posts have been strong, but the time it takes to digest it all is tiring for people. Understandably so, I get how hard it is to balance all of this with work.

My “In Defense of Greek Life” post already has over 2.2K views and over 500 reads. In only 3 days since it dropped.

I’m excited to get this blogging campaign back on track. I’m excited to write concisely. This will be a lot healthier in a lot of ways.

Hoping you enjoy following along. Remember; try not saying “I” tomorrow, and comment here with how it goes!

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