Late night hockey, early morning hockey.

Watching and playing the north’s greatest sport. (#Day45)

It’s 1:45 AM. And you’re sitting at home staring.

Puck on the Blue line. Offside. Had been dragged back too far, shot that flies into the net is waived off.

Goal. Highlights reel onward, dirty backhander into the slot — goal.

The bottom line ceaselessly continues. Dallas 5 — Winnipeg (formerly Atlanta Thrashers) 3.

Filip Forsberg with the hatty.

Just as any MLB, NBA, or MLS fan can relate to, watching games at this hour which started at 10:30 PM Eastern Time is uniquely fun and hypnotizing.

You have nothing else to do at this point, really. You’ve checked Snapchat and GroupMe enough. Line changes and statistics drip onward towards the random interviews on NHL Network post game. What else is really as entertaining as this on the TV anymore?? Donald Trump???

As the late night battle rolls on, there are definitely kids playing hockey somewhere in the world. And every Saturday and Sunday morning across America and Canada, kids (and parents) wake up at 4:45 AM just so that they can get to the rink for that kid’s 6:20 AM game.

Because the ice time is so expensive and highly sought after, the games have to take place at these mind-numbing weekend hours. This definitely helps teammates form a unique relationship of debauchery and hosers.

In Chicago, they play on blacktop outdoor rinks in the same parks that dunks reign down in.

In the Michigan Upper Peninsula, they play on any puddle they wish.

In greater Detroit, there’s a genuine and deep appreciation for the Detroit Red Wings (*unlike Chicago with the Blackhawks and the bandwagon-Wrigley-fans).

In Bratislava, Slovakia, they stay out until 5:00 AM and rage after Finland wins the 2011 Ice Hockey World Championship.

In Soviet Russia, according to Family Guy,road forks you”! (And U.S.A. won the 1980 hockey olympic gold medal, naturally.)

Hockey — the only time and space sport where you can take out your aggression, fight people, fly across ice, and still score the winning point.

Hockey On Ice.

Hockey: Clearly the greatest sport of the north.

#Day45 , #100DaysOfBlogging

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