“the talks as the day went on just got stupider and stupider.”
Why I won’t be speaking at conferences with Douglas Crockford anymore.
Mx Kas Perch

I don’t think a comment like this deserves public shaming. Crockford may be a negative guy (I’ve never met him so it would be irresponsible for me to label him as such) but that kind of behavior isn’t ripe for public reprimand.

If he truly did engage in public “slut-shames” (as you allege) then you should amend your article to reflect what he actually said so readers can decide for themselves whether they would label his comments as “slut-shames.” I would assume the “slut-shames” are what motivated this article so leaving those details out is a pretty big omission. I’m genuinely curious to know what he said. If you have that information I’d love to see it.

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