• Michael Caputo

    Michael Caputo

    Development and Rock 'n roll. BTC: 1MsnrK89f7RTS5F9VibejTGt8CpvxySYV2

  • Alexa Clark

    Alexa Clark

    social entrepreneur, author, chief CheapEater, photographer & social media addict. Also @ceto @ceot @secretpickle & part of @hohoto

  • Ann Poochareon

    Ann Poochareon

    Co-founder @aesthetecstudio and @lilrobotfriends. Mom. Beach lover.

  • Zaid Khan

    Zaid Khan

    Music Lover | Strategic Planner @LeoBurnettTor | Master of Design (MDes) candidate @OCADU_SFI |

  • Jason Falls

    Jason Falls

    I am the CEO of Social Media Explorer, a digital marketing agency and education products company. I like bourbon. And the Pittsburgh Pirates. Heh.

  • James Topham

    James Topham

    Communications Director at War Child Canada - I sometimes have one or two things to say. Not all of it is related to my job, you’ll be glad to hear.

  • Stuart Thursby

    Stuart Thursby

    Founder & Creative Director, Stack Creative in Toronto. Find us online at www.stackcreative.co.

  • Mark Bianco

    Mark Bianco

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