How I Turn My Daily Commute Into a Time to Learn

I’m a big proponent of self improvement, education and continual growth. My take on this is, if you’re not getting better every year (the definition and meaning of this will vary from person to person), what’s the point? However, the activities that we need to do on a daily basis to accomplish this take time, time that you may not have easily available. I know this is definitely true for me between work and family. But one way I have solved this is by turning my commute into a classroom experience! Let me tell you how I do this.

From Car to Classroom

I have a one way commute time of about 40 minutes each day, 5 days each week — that is almost 7 hours each week of sitting in my car! Now I could be listening to the radio as there is some value to unwinding and relaxing by doing so. However, I choose to use this time in the car to dedicate to education and learning and, as such, my car becomes my classroom.

How I Do It

No, I don’t have an actual person in the vehicle teaching me things, but that would be pretty cool…and, who knows, probably possible when self-driving cars are the norm. Anyway, what I do is utilize podcasts, Audible books and SkillShare videos (audio only) with the majority of my time spent listening on podcasts and Audible.

On Audible, my focus right now is books about self improvement, marketing and sales. I’ll typically download whatever is recommended to me by the app and has great reviews that falls into one of these 3 topics.

The podcasts that I listen to are entrepreneurial, interview-style podcasts that help get me into the mind of successful business owners and typically cover a wide range of topics from mindset to finances to health, marketing and more. My favorites right now, hands down, are the Ed Mylett Show, the Self Made Man and Impact Theory.

I also like to listen to Marketing School with Eric Siu and Neil Patel. I use this podcast to stay “in the know” on Marketing as well as fine tune our strategies at Ballantine if I hear something I think our clients will benefit from.

Honestly, I find it so cool that we live in a world where many highly successful entrepreneurs willingly share their knowledge through podcasting (and it’s free!). Or for small fees on Audible and SkillShare, you can learn from experts. There is now no excuse not to grow yourself or improve your craft.


If your goal is to slowly create a better version of you, then you need to look at your schedule and see what opportunities you have to learn new things or brush up on existing skills. Low hanging fruit is the time you spend in your car… use your commute to grow and learn in whichever area(s) of business and life that are most important to you.