“What QSR Chains Can Learn From Sam Walton’s Early Growth”

Sam Walton is commonly regarded as the king of Modern Retail. After all, he created and popularized “Discount Retailing” at a scale that nobody saw coming.

He grew Walmart from a single store in Rogers, Arkansas, to the world largest retailer.

As entrepreneurs and business operators, it’s safe to say we all have few things to learn from Sam. It almost feels weird to refer to him so informally As just “Sam”. But he really was simple Sam.

Even as the world’s largest retailer, Sam Walton would spy on competitors…

On Business Philosophy, Personal Mantra, and my WHY


Two weeks ago I was asked an interesting, and challenging, set of questions.

“Ryan, how would you sum up your ‘business philosophy’ in a few words?”

“Do you have a personal ‘mantra’?”

“Why do you do what you do? WHY are you so driven as an entrepreneur?…These questions are about YOU, not the mission of your company. I want to know the bigger picture of Ryan Hicks the man himself. What is your deep down WHY?”


My inmediate response: “Shit, that’s deep!”

I gathered my thoughts and promptly answered with…

Ryan Hicks

Entrepreneur and host of the Modern Business Podcast

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