Director of Strategy Interview

Category: Informational Interview

Contact Information:

Name: Wesley Otto

Position: Partner & Director of Strategy

Company: OMG — Otto Media Group

Industry: Marketing Field

I decided to interview with Mr. Wesley Otto, who is the Partner & Director of Strategy for OMG — Otto Media Group. Mr. Otto is a local entrepreneur and I believe that he has a lot of business experience that will help me in my professional career. I wanted to discuss with him about what it’s like trying to establish your company and that pitfalls that go with it.

Contact Background:

Question 1. Why did you decide to start your own company?

Wes Otto comes from a family that runs a local business in Mankato, MN. He always felt that growing up within a small business helped groom him for a similar path of entrepreneurship. Similarly, rubbing shoulders with other small business owners gave him a taste of what it’s like to be passionate about this type of work.

Question 2. What do you like most about this position? What do you like the least?

He loves working with other passionate people. He excels with success from others around him. He enjoys helping a small business tell their story so others can feel the energy and excitement behind an entrepreneurs hard work. He refuses to let his clients become disappointed with his work.

Question 3. Why did this type of work interest you, and how did you get started?

Similar to the first question, he was looking for an excuse to work with other passionate individuals. Marketing was a natural fit because of his talents in communication. Through high school and college he was always a gifted public speaker. He knew that pitching ideas in a board room would be a breeze in comparison and would allow him to utilize that talent in a way that helps others.

Question 4. What part of this job do you find most satisfying? Most challenging?

To Wes, finding the success of an idea is the most satisfying. After getting a client to commit, and finally being able to watch them smile after seeing the increase in sales. That is the most satisfying. He believes that getting a business owner to commit is the hardest part.

Question 5. What sort of changes are occurring in your occupation?

Wesley believes that the some of the biggest changes are when you see a large company like YouTube offer ad free experiences, that plays into how he functions as a marketer. It is necessary for him to stay on top of all of these changes so that he can execute his marketing strategies flawlessly. That is what determines the difference between a savy professional and a hobbiest freelancer.

Questions Seeking Advice:

Question 6. How can I evaluate whether or not I have the necessary skills for a position such as yours?

He believes that whatever it is you’re looking to do, there is two keys components of finding success. Enjoying what you do, and naturally being good at it. It’s necessary that you hustle and grind and read and learn in order to become the best in the industry. However, these are all necessary parts that must be completed in order to excel within the field.

Question 7. What are the major frustrations of this job?

With his experience in the field, he’s realized that bad clients are a major frustration. Businesses are always looking for more business. With that being said, just because a client has money that doesn’t mean they’re a right fit for your company. Often times, customers expect more than what they’re paying for. It’s frustrating because you’re finally able to come to an agreement only to have them change they’re looking to do.

Question 8. What are some of the key factors that are necessary to have on a résumé?

Experience. Not a job or internship title. Not a cool company name. Actual experience. This is something that is necessary to have for a résumé.

Question 9. What skills are important to have for this position?

Being a person that’s able to adapt quickly, self-driven, personable and creative. These are a few of the many things that are important to have in this field. Having the ability to connect with people is what will determine whether or not you’re suited for this position.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts:

I have learned a lot after speaking with Mr. Otto, as I stated previously, I believe that he as a long businessman has plenty of experience about the professional field. It was a pleasure speaking with him and hearing about what’s learned with his years of experience. I was surprised to learn that having experience is the most important thing on a résumé. I understand the value of it, I just did not comprehend how important it truly is. I’ve learned that to excel within the marketing field, having the ability to connect with clients is the most important part. Without this ability, you will not do well in the field. I will take the advice that Mr. Otto has given me and I will make sure to understand the value of connecting with people. Customers don’t simply want a business relationship, they want someone they can relate with and is looking out for their well-being.