It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban
JC Weatherby

I don’t think this comparison is apt. Though I do believe that the Christian Religious Right is guilty of trying to impose their lunatic beliefs on the rest of us, with few notable exceptions, they have not resorted to violence to do this. And with their support of Trump (not to mention many, many cases of their most vocal leaders getting caught living lives in complete opposition to what they preach), they show themselves to be the ultimate moral equivocators. In other words, they are not true believers in their extreme views, no matter how much they preach. They are happy to stand behind the most amoral President we’ve ever had because his rule will keep the progressive agenda — which they vehemently disagree with — at bay for a while longer. The Taliban, on the other hand, are true believers. And they kill people who do not pass their tests of purity. This isn’t to say that some of their leaders don’t violate their principles as well. But for the most part, they are true believers in their distorted view of Islam. All that said, the Christian Religious Right worries me more than the Taliban. Education, reason and good old fashioned common sense (not to mention economic opportunity) can ultimately defeat the Taliban’s bankrupt ideas because they are cruel, archaic and fixed. The Christian Religious Right’s ability to focus on “what I say”, not “what I do” and to justify any failing, any lapse as justifiable on the path to redemption, makes it much harder to defeat and much more insidious. Reason and facts don’t matter if being exposed as hypocritical isn’t seen as a problem.

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