7 Ways to think about Eating Differently…

Food for Thought or Thought for Food…here we go!

  • Take a picture of every meal before you eat it (Instagram ‘food porn’) and text or email to a friend, trainer, nutritionist who is holding you accountable to your weight loss goal.
Instagram Food Porn
  • Instead of focusing on carbohydrates, fats, and proteins (macronutrients), focus on foods loaded with vitamins and minerals (micronutrients). Unhealthy processed foods are low in micronutrients but typically high in macronutrients such as bad fats & simple carbs, whereas super foods are loaded with super healthy micronutrients!
Super Micronutrients
  • Experiment: Remove a questionable staple food from your diet for one week. If you feel better without it, leave it out…it’s slowing you down! Common examples are milk, bread or peanuts.
  • Hire an expert. I meet with a nutritionist once a month even though I’ve been studying food science for 15+ years. My specialty is fitness, but meeting regularly with experts in a related field helps me to better understand all aspects of health and wellness. I also hired a run coach for a couple of sessions recently to improve my gait pattern and decrease the likelihood of injury.
Hire an Expert
  • Use smaller plates at dinner. We Americans always fill our plates, so using a smaller trough is a way to trick you into smaller portions.
Plate size matters
Calorie Tracking App
  • Count calories for an entire week instead of each day. This helps prevent you from falling off the wagon one day and giving up on the entire week. Example: 12,600 calories total instead of 1,800 each day.

The quote “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” rings true for sensible eating habits. Locate your moments of weakness in your eating…example: late night and plan for it. Don’t have chips or ice cream in the house, or hedge against it by only having low calorie, yet nutrient dense foods such as fruits and vegetables available to you in the late evening hours.

My next post will get back to exercise by breaking down how to perform a perfect squat and a perfect pushup…stay tuned!

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