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First Question: How important is networking within the creative industries.

It can be very important depending on your job situation. I feel I may have touched on this slightly within the previous blog topic, however I will try and make this more 3D specific. Networking is important because it could very well be how one gets their next job, especially if one works fixed term or freelancing.

Let me paint a hypothetical picture. You are employed fixed term by a company that is currently working on a project, which is currently in the asset development stage of its pipeline. You…

First set of Questions, they are:

· Does the concept of professionalism apply to the creative industries?

· Are codes of conduct important in the creative industries?

· Do they matter?

The overall theme of this topic would appear to be that of one’s behaviour within a place of work or working environment, based on the key words within the questions.

In order to respond, I feel I must start by asking different questions, before responding to these. Those questions are:

· What is professionalism?

· What are codes of conduct?

Let’s begin with the first one. …

This is an incredibly subjective question, but one that bares consideration when it comes time for creating one’s own.

Let’s start with the basics. What is a Portfolio/ Show reel?

It is a compilation of visual evidence that proves one’s skills to the uninitiated. Or serves as a selling point to employers, for reason as to why they should be hired. There will be many portfolios out there in the wild, catering to all sorts of different creative outlets and sectors. However, today we shall be taking a looking into the sector of Animation. So, now let’s refine our first…

Ryan Ward

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