9 Hacks to Rank YouTube Videos in Google

  1. How to create the right content for YouTube
  2. How to technically optimize your video to rank
  3. How to distribute your video to rank

The Life Cycle of Great YouTube Marketing

Below is a high level process of a great YouTube marketing campaign:

Ranking Hack #1 — Video Content

The first area that people fail is the videos they’re creating.

Ranking Hack #2 — Length of Video

YouTube is constantly updating their search algorithm to a deliver better user experience.

  1. Number of comments your video receives.
  2. Total seconds users spend watching your video.
  3. Number of likes your video receives.
  4. Number of times your video is shared on social media.
  5. Number of times your video is <embed> on other websites.

Ranking Hack #3: Naming Convention

Before I get into how to name your video, I need to quickly talk about keyword selection. Your YouTube marketing plan should target long tail and less competitive keywords.

  1. Go to your completed video file that is ready for upload.
  2. Right click on the file and select “Get Info”.
  3. Add some tags to your video that are related to the content.
  4. Under “Name & Extension”, name the file after your #1 an #2 keywords. For example: How to Rank YouTube Videos — Ranking Videos in Google.
  5. Throw in a brief description of your video in the comments field.

Ranking Hack #4: Description

Add a link to your website. Add a link to your website. Add a link to your website.

  1. Try and write at least 200 words of content.
  2. Use synonym and one off keywords. For example, if your main keyword is How to Rank YouTube Videos, some one off keywords would be How to rank YouTube videos in Google, how to get videos to show up in search engines, YouTube Marketing, etc.
  3. DON’T USE DUPLICATE CONTENT. That means for EACH of your videos you need to write a different description.
  4. Don’t overuse keywords — you can get slapped for keyword stuffing.

Ranking Hack #5: Utilize Playlists

Playlists add an additional layer of signals to your video. For each video I strongly suggest that you create a new playlist using synonym keywords.

  1. Primary Keyword: Guide to Ranking YouTube Videos in Google
  2. Secondary Keyword: How to Get More Views on You Tube Videos
  3. File Name: Guide to Ranking YouTube Videos in Google — How to Get More Views on You Tube Videos — Webris
  4. Description: Link to video!!! + [Insert transcript].
  5. Playlist name: YouTube Video Marketing — Rank My Videos Higher in Google.

Ranking Hack #6: Custom Thumbnails

This doesn’t send signals to YouTube but it does affect engagement. Adding a custom thumbnail to your video can have a drastic impact on your click through rate (CTR) which will in turn drive up your rankings.

Ranking Hack #7: Leverage Social Media

According to traditional theory, search engine optimization has two aspects:

  1. Sync your YouTube account with your social media accounts. Anytime you post a new video it will automatically syndicate across your accounts.
  2. Post your video to relevant groups on social networks. If you aren’t actively engaged in these groups I suggest you find some. Not only are they a great way to get social signals on your content but they are a great way to network and learn more about your craft.
  3. If you need to, you can always buy social signals. There are a number of quality vendors out there — if you don’t know where to begin, check Fiverr.

Ranking Hack #8: Dress Up Your Channel Page

When I see a YouTube channel without a profile picture, header, description and links it looks like spam — YouTube sees it the same way. Filling out your YouTube channel page has a trickle down effect to your content. It adds another layer of signals as to what your videos are about.

  1. Add links to all of your social media pages and website.
  2. Add channel images. Not only does it help users identify with your content, but YouTube as well. If you upload your image in accordance with search engine optimization best practices it will send a signal to search spiders. For example, YouTube-channel-name-channel-keywords.jpg will help add context to your page.
  3. Subscribe to similar channels. Remember when you were a kid and your friend got in caught stealing something but you got punished too (guilt by association); YouTube looks at what you’re looking at and associates your account with that content.
  4. Add a long description; make sure to add a ton of synonym keywords.

Ranking Hack #9: Build Links

The hacks laid out above will rank any low competitive or long tail keyword. If you want to rank videos for more competitive terms like “payday loans”, you’re going to have to build links to your video and embed the HTML on other sites.

  1. Private blog networks (PBN)
  2. Social bookmarks
  3. Web 2.0s (.Wordpress, .Weebly, etc.
  4. Partner sites
  5. My own sites (<EMBED>)
  6. Tumblr posts
  7. Pinterest pins
  1. Drip fed or manually placed over a 30 day period
  2. 30 social bookmarks (drip fed)
  3. 6 Web 2.0s links (15 tier 2 social bookmarks on each link)
  4. 1 PBN link
  1. Drip fed or manually placed over a 60 day period
  2. 60 social bookmarks (drip fed)
  3. 15 Web 2.0s links (20 tier 2 social bookmarks on each link)
  4. 4 PBN links
  5. 2 video embeds on PBNs
  1. Drip fed or manually placed over a 60 day period
  2. 100 social bookmarks (drip fed)
  3. 30 Web 2.0s links (25 tier 2 social bookmarks on each link)
  4. 8 PBN links
  5. 4 video embeds on PBNs
  6. 10 relevant niche blog comments a week
  7. 1 guest blog


YouTube is an extremely powerful platform that can drive a ton of traffic to your website. Follow these simple steps and you will see an instant boost in rankings .

Originally published at webris.org on January 6, 2015.



I build and market websites. [http://WEBRIS.org ] + [http://lacesout.net ] + [http://ryanwashere.com ]

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