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I was recommended to sign up for initiative Q by a knowledgable friend that works in the crypto world, so signing up with facebook I said, “eh cant hurt can it.” So I signed up.

Here is my link, you only get 5 referrals so sign up quick to reserve your Q!

From the website this is the general timeline:

  1. Mid 2018-Mid 2019: Member recruitment campaign
  2. Mid 2019-Mid 2021: Payment network development
  3. 2020: Selection of Q launch locations
  4. 2020–2021: Seller recruitment campaign

12. Become a major payment network, globally accepted.

Now, I’m no expert by any means in new age of crypto. In fact I’m still trying to truly wrap my mind around what the hell blockchain actually means, despite watching endless amounts of youtube videos on the matter. But if there is no risk, I’m giving it a try. You never know, could be the next bitcoin!