Terrace House: The Definitive Ranking
Nick Kucera

You’ve got an interesting take on things! I haven’t finished the series so I skipped all the members I haven’t seen yet, but some points I’d bring up:

Yuki was not a very colourful character. Besides his one show, he didn’t provide much to the show. He didn’t strike it off with any girls. And he didn’t try so hard to compete. Boring

Minori & Tatsuya are both really boring people. Minori barely has anything to do, stays quiet, and gets offended at the drop of a hat. Tatsuya is often not around (because of work), stays quiet, and also gets offended at the drop of a hat. Maybe it added entertainment value, but they weren’t that likeable. I was hoping for them to leave sooner and sooner. Also, Minori will probably never walk the catwalk again because of her cheesy ass smile during the walk.

Makoto was lazy and boring, but he seemed like a good character. While people thought he talked behind others’ backs, he was really just trying to appease everyone. He kept quiet when it wasn’t his turn to talk, and he wasn’t selfish. I think he was really misunderstood. But since he left the show so early, it’s hard to give him a higher spot.

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