QuinteVation: Changing the Narrative on Rural Innovation

QuinteVation: Innovation in the Bay of Quinte Region, a marketing, economic, and tourism region in Eastern Ontario, is happening everyday. Entrepreneurs are following their dreams and creating new and exciting businesses in #Bayofquinte, whether it be a brewery, buying into a dairy or farm, getting into the film industry, clean energy, or the thriving tourism industry in the region.

QuinteVation is created by entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs.

The NGO will do three things: 1. It will create a community around entrepreneurs, listening to them, holding frequest events and Meet-Ups, and celebrating their successes and failures in the region. 2. It will facilitate growth in Bay of Quinte inspired and regionally unique sectors and industries within the region, and accelerate potential high-growth sectors. 3. And it will market innovation within the larger #bayofquinte brand which includes population growth and tourism.

QuinteVation will change the narrative of innovation within Rural Canada, a narrative that all over Canada has not changed in decades.

Stay tuned as we continue to develop and talk about QuinteVation within the #BayofQuinte region.