8 great reasons why I blog (and why you should too)

Ever since I started blogging this year, people have been asking me why do I blog. Even I ask myself the same questions, “Why do I blog?”, “Should I continue to blog?” day in and day out.

Despite the many positive feedback and comments from friends and family. After being requested by Thrive Global to feature a post of mine on their publication. After getting over 1000 views from 9 blogs. After gaining 36 new followers. I still had many doubts in my mind three weeks into my blogging journey.

I am not a good writer, why should I write? 
There are so many great articles out there, why bother?
There are so many people that are more knowledgeable than me, why bother?
No one will read my blog, why should even write one?
I have never been a good writer, why should I …? 
My content quality sucks…
on and on…

After all those self-doubts, I had a serious dialogue with myself. The internal conversation empowered me to embrace the growth mindset and reflected to see how far I have traveled in other areas in my life. I was not a good speaker before, but I became a better speaker now because I spoke at many events. I wasn’t a strong lifter before, but I became a stronger lifter because I work out 5 times a week. It was because of the time & effort I put in that made me become better in those areas respectively.

So, I am blogging now because I am not a good blogger, and therefore I need practice. I understand by constantly writing, I am on my way to become a better blogger in the future.

The above is one of the many reasons why I blog, and blogging also empowered me many things.

Blogging empowers me to …

Build Character & Discipline

Anyone who thinks that blogging isn’t challenging hasn’t really done it. It is a challenge to sit down and write, and to do that consistently. One can simply become better in any area by constantly pushing oneself to practice. Sometimes, I would feel lazy or unworthy to write a blog, but by practicing self-discipline and forcing myself to write a blog is an amazing feeling. One of the best feelings in the world must be conquering oneself.

Share my thoughts and lessons learned

I journal usually on a daily basis, and I thought it would be more helpful and beneficial to share my thoughts, and lessons learned online because someone might find the lessons learned used. Even if it doesn’t, it still serves as my journal.

Read more & learn more

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

In the past month, I had to do a lot of research, read a lot of articles, watch a lot of videos, and listen to a lot of podcasts, just so that I could come up with great and meaningful topics to write about. By preparing myself with a blog topic, I have learned many other things in the process. It’s really interesting how much free content is online for us to learn from. Moreover, I learn things better through “teaching” them in my blog posts, as “Teaching is the best way to learn.”

Have great conversations

In the past month, my friends have been talking to me about the blogs posts I wrote. It’s a humbling experience that people paid attention to my writings. In many of my conversations, I even asked my connections to visit my blog because I had already written a blog about the topic that we were talking about. It gives me the right to say “hey I wrote a blog on this, you can read it to gain more insight.”

Become a better thinker

Writing really challenged me in many different ways. I would have to make decisions on my blogging format, the wording of my paragraphs, the photos or quotes to include in the blogs,the content to write about, and the depth and focus of each article. All those decisions allowed me to become a better thinker.

Build healthy habits

Ever since I started blogging, most of my free time is either spent reading on things that I enjoy, watching videos on self-development, listening to podcasts, or learning how to become a better writer. Blogging really empowered me to build overall better habits because I am so focused on learning more content on self-growth and becoming a better person through blogging.

Build my personal brand

Having a personal blog really empowers me to showcase what I am passionate about and build a brand around myself and my passion. It also allows people to learn more about me and connect with me through my writings.

Take Action Today!

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Rybo Chen is an engineer by profession and a self-help enthusiast by passion. He is an aspiring blogger looking to share his thoughts and ideas one article at a time and hoping to help people along the way. More of his writing can be found at medium.com/@rybochen.

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