2015: The year that was

If I were to describe 2015 in one word, it would be: phenomenal.

To be honest, I have had a phenomenal year. Despite the challenges around every success and happy moment, my 2015, has been a truly positive one. Perhaps it was London, perhaps it was my change in life perspective. Perhaps it was my job that made it all the year that it was. Regardless, 2015 was a fantastic year.

I had my fair share of successes — won an award for my research, gained new skills from work, strengthened collaborations with colleagues, forged new friendships, kept old ones warm, felt more loved by my family and partner than ever before. I am truly a lucky person, with thanks to everyone around me and the universe and all the possibilities it offers.

I was able to travel within and outside of the UK, seeing more places than ever before. From Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, the Philippines, to Sweden where I am writing from, I took away such fantastic memories and lessons about life. Grateful is an understatement for everything that has happened to me this year, but I’d like to think I played a tiny role it making it all come together.

I was also able to learn some difficult lessons in friendship this year, which I’ll definitely have with me for life. I’ve learnt that you can’t help everyone, can’t please everyone, and can’t keep everyone. That is fine.

As the year comes to a close, I am joyfully recalling my life in 2015, with much excitement for the year that is to come. My only wish is that for someone else (or many others, if possible!) can have the same year (if not better) as I’ve had, because we all know that life can be bloody cruel sometimes.

Dankeschön und auf Wiedersehen, 2015!x

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