Your Phone Might be Killing You
Mike Johnson

This article speaks so much truth. And yet too many people will ignore the truth and continue down this path of addiction to smartphones. It’s really sad. The thing is, people are totally aware of the problem and they know the solution. Unfortunately for majority of people in the world, the solution isn’t worth giving up what they get from smartphones. It’s an addiction. It’s gotta be worth it in order to kick it. Countless times I’ve gone out for coffee with people who can’t hold a damn conversation because they’re being distracted by notifications on their phone. Or they’re ruining the mood by trying to take the perfect Instagram photo to show off they’re “interesting and oh-so-meaningful day to day life.” It’s pathetic. People are literally dumbed down because they don’t know how to interact or socialize in situations without having their phones. Shit gets awkward. People don’t care to sit down and actually talk and listen to someone anymore. They aren’t capable of really paying attention because they’re too concerned with notifications on their phones.

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