Why You Should Start an e-Commerce Business.

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The internet is one of the magical creations by man; I mean, it can enable you succumb to laziness and order the whole world to your doorstep.

Ever since it was created, being online is no longer an option, not only for businesses but consumers as well; it’s a necessity. With shoppers around the world ditching local stores for online stores, it means opportunities for eCommerce businesses are growing tremendously. In today’s post I want us to discuss the potential of e-commerce business and why you should consider starting one;

First off, let’s have a snippet of what e-commerce is;

E-commerce is the selling and purchasing of goods and services through online channels. There’re four categories of e-commerce;

B2B- Business to Business e-commerce

C2B- Consumer to Business

B2C- Business to Consumer

C2C- Consumer to consumer.

Why Has E-Commerce Grown In The Last Couple Of Years?

With the evolution of digital technology, eCommerce has become a major market for most consumers thanks to;

- Great bargain offered by different operating vendors. This is down to lesser operating costs for the stores

- The convenience of having products delivered to your doorstep rather than incurring the cost of transportation and time to visit a store physically

- Great variety of inventories offered by online stores

- Comparison tools that compare and recommend products

With that mind, here’re various reasons you should consider setting up your e-commerce business in 2017.

1. Audience Potential

The internet has already taken people by storm, and virtually everyone has tried purchasing something online. Unlike the physical store where customers must physically avail themselves to purchase goods at the time when you’ve opened, online stores are accessible anytime, and customers can place their order anytime of the day- even when you’re sleeping. E-commerce is not limited to a certain area, meaning that your potential audience is not limited and can continue growing. This translates to more profit for your pocket.

2. Independence

Self-employed comes with more control over your lifestyle. You can plan your vocational destiny and have more independence than a person who’s employed. One might argue that employees have more free time since they can relax at the end of the day while business owners are always in work mode but that’s a shallow analysis.

An online entrepreneur will have a lot of flexibility and more control when it comes to deciding how and when work has to be done. You’ll have more freedom when it comes to managing your work.

You’ll also have freedom when it comes to making your business decisions, employing workforce, and building a brand that you’ve always aspired to have.

3. It’s Easy and Quick to Setup

Selling your products online is not as hard as building a brand; it can happen almost instantaneously. Marketing platforms now exist all over the internet, and you only need to intensify your marketing efforts to make your store known.

You can begin with a small stock and restock depending on the demand. It’s not like a physical store, whereby you need to stock a lot of products for it to look like a store. This means that should your products fail to hit the sales mark you expected, you just do away with it; there’s less risk involved. Should they sell successfully, you can restock your business knowing that the demand is there.

4. Affordable Marketing

With an online store, you don’t need to invest in costly billboards, fliers, or local ads for promotion. Of course, they are still options, but nowadays people value content marketing and social media marketing. You can use Twitter ads, Ad Words, Pinterest and Facebook sponsored links to market your store. Most people spend considerable amount of time on social platforms, and that’s why it makes sense to use these platforms to reach a wider, targeted audience at a faster rate and lower cost.

5. Unlimited Space

When it comes to a physical store, you have to consider the size of the store when ordering stock. But with e-commerce bizz, there’s no limitation. This means that you can display a wide range of selection which ends up enhancing customer satisfaction, and in return, your profit.

6. You Can Target Previous Customers to Inform Them of New Products

We all get special offer emails from online stores that we’ve signed up with alerting us of the new stock. Although this can be quite overwhelming, they can be helpful when enticing previous customers to visit your store again. Based on the products they previously purchased, you can send alerts of other products that can go with whatever they purchased. For instance, if a customer purchased a smartphone from your store, you can send them alerts for smartphone back covers.


If you have a passion for business, then there’s no reason for you to hold back from setting up your own online store.

We hope this has been enough to convince you that establishing an e-commerce empire is the way to go.