Friendship and ethnicity. My own flavor.

I am a Malaysian. Thus as Asian in culture we Malaysians especially Malay have certain social expectation in term of who your friends are and how you socialize. However, a challenge and the rarity of an event, environment or different people excites me. This explains why I choose to befriending people from foreign background which I found them not only interesting but also because some of them do have very good values in term of thinking and civilization. I mean some of them. Not only that, it expands my understanding of why the Creator creates us in this variable forms and colors.

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Perhaps I am also biased to my own bad experiences and negative familiarity of my own culture. I mean the bad ones. Of course my own culture also has that positive high values that is commendably praiseworthy such as our soft spoken and respecting each other on the surface. Which is naturally ingrained in our society. Such as that reminds me of my mother and hometown neighborhood community which still have this characters abundantly. And no doubt, this is I would confidently say why we Malaysian scored high marks as “nice friendly” people from most foreign tourists who came to visit Malaysia.

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Coming back to my personal preferences of befriending other nationalities, or foreign friends, the most reason I would say is because I find them not as nosy as my own Malaysian counterpart. I wouldn’t mind if Malaysian friends really care about me as in honest term of “caring” but I just would not feel as much enjoyable being in network of society who would want to know my personal lives just for nothing. Or is this just a naturally societal norm that happens in any group of culture? Maybe. But that I have to find out in an another course of venture.

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Perhaps my justification of choosing group of friends from different nations would also be because I want to be free from the social value responsibility that comes within my culture context? For example, as the societal pressure suggest, just because I am Malay I should be more inclined to be closer relationship with the Malays, regardless who they are in person. I would say this would be a racist decision if I should choose to befriending people just because we have same color and speak same language and negate the basic human relationship such as honesty, good virtues and other basic human communicating skills and etc. By the way, we did not choose in which ethnic we should be born to. We just are, or were delivered to this world as it is. Or perhaps our parent decide which partner they want to have baby with but we as first level have no control on our own human being formation.

Apart from that, as we are now in information technological age, we are exposed to global village communications and that means we are exposed to west, east, south and north of earth human communication and cultures. Other than that, we have traveled to other countries or the other people from other countries come to us, we are all emerging as one human ethnicity globally slowly or should I say rapidly? But surely, we are becoming into one.

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Thus, in my opinion there is no such thing of choosing other foreign people as your friend instead of your own, which some of my own culture counterpart would have “accused”, (as if it is the wrong thing to do) but rather my choice is because seeing goodness in other culture and basic positive personal humanity values that I see in them. I personally would be befriending anyone that is NICE to me regardless who you are and where you are coming from. Either from my culture or others. We are indeed created in many variations of color or ethnicity so that we can get to know each other and we will realize eventually, that we are one race. A human race. And imagine how much peace we can achieve in this world when we have this goal in all of our minds.