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this is my favorite ringer article. full stop. but two things bug me. first of all, you implied that you don’t love michael jordan? i can only imagine this is because you’re remembering the Wizard years, which is a mistake, because that never happened. second, you mentioned Karl Malone missing the two free throws in the ‘97 Finals but you forgot the absolute best part: the game was played on a sunday, and when Malone stepped to the line, Scottie Pippen walked by him, saying “Remember, Karl, the mailman doesn’t deliver on Sunday.” this not only makes it a top five biggest chokes in NBA history, it also is a) the greatest use of a player’s own nickname to demoralize said player and b) without a doubt the most amazing and effective trash-talking moment in sports history.

final note: i’m changing my last name to malone because apparently that name triples your free throw rate

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