The New York Times Has Become Trash-y.

Yesterday, I saw this Tweet from Journalist, Adam H. Johnson,

Clearly showing the intentions of Jeff Bezos, and Washington Post owner to paint Bernie Sanders in a negative light. These headlines use the same sensational hyperbolic tactics originally adopted by trashy magazines you’d find at the checkout counter in grocery stores.

I’ve been noticing these types of clickbaity headlines vying for attention everywhere online.. even.. THE NEW YORK TIMES! Thats right, even the most accurate news organization, thought of as a rubric for ethical journalism is stooping to low levels in attempt to defame Sanders. This became clear when I received two push notifications on my phone at the same time, one from CNN and the other from NYTimes –

The Times is using a classic Clickbait tactic of rhetorical questions to put seemingly objective ideas in the readers head while affirming a stance –A tactic popularized by Upworthy.

I looked a bit deeper into the issue and found disparaging coverage of Bernie Sanders throughout The Times — Here Are 6 New York Times Headlines You Won’t Believe:

1. Drawing attention to this statement and putting “write off” in quotes is patronizing and makes it seem like he’s already been written off.

2. Beginning a headline with “why” is an obvious clickbait tactic, this type of rhetoric would never have appeared in NYTimes print 20 years ago. sanders jewish

3. The Times reports more than any other paper about Sanders’ “Jewishness,” with lines like “But is it [he] good for Jews?” Such rhetorical questions are another cheap clickbait tactic to put an idea in the readers head while still coming off objective. Is the New York Times Carlos Slim’s mouthpiece?

4. Stupid af.

5. Making up new social justice words? Man-splaining but with Bernie? Cute.

6. Im sure some Dems have also turned to Sanders after “flirting” with Clinton, but thats none of my business :)

The Times has made their intentions clear, like in 2008, they have come out and endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Primary. My issue with the Times isn’t their endorsement, rather their coded rhetoric to dissuade the public against Sanders by taking advantage of our insatiable appetite for entertainment over facts. Such newspaper sales methods where sensationalism trumps fact is not new, once referred to as Yellow Journalism, a dangerous tactic that has even caused wars.

The most ironic, desperate and daft display of their Hillary support came in the form of this article. A friend of mine’s company, 4Real, made a site, Clonezone, that grabs the HTML content of a webpage, allows you to edit it, then reuploads the page so your edited version appears real, similar to a site I made, lemmetweetthatforyou. Using Clonezone, another friend, Steven Phillips-Horst, made a NYTimes page with a headline stating that Elizebeth Warren has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Anyone with half a brain can look at the URL to this page and realize that its root is not the NYTimes. Shivering in their loafers, fearing they could be perceived endorsing, or in any way helping, Bernie Sanders, they dedicated an entire article to this fake news story, citing that it got 15,000 shares on Facebook. Instead of taking the opportunity to educate people, including themselves, about how to detect a real NYTimes article, they show their age and authority by bragging, “By Tuesday, the fake Times article had been taken down and the domain had been blocked from being cloned by others.” Good Job NYTimes, now please make me remove this –