A radical new way to look at disruptive protests: Maybe they’re assholes.

It’s worth considering…

I mean, what would it look like, exactly, if true assholes decided that they wanted to get together and do assholery on some otherwise innocent city?

They’d get off of the bus and start in with lots of screaming at and about others… disrupting people trying to just get along… defacing walls and monuments, smashing cars, childish name calling using words that they don’t even understand, abusing police that would rather not have to be there at all…

Yeah, that sounds like exactly what we are seeing. Someone besides myself has to have noticed that the only times cities spontaneously light themselves on fire is when angry liberals are milling about.

The protest march… real ones, weren’t vehicles of loud personal attacks and youthful lunacy… they were about ideas. When women weren’t allowed to vote (the intended and much nicer way to show your opinion), women didn’t have the means to have their voice count in the democratic process… The March was a necessary alternative method. While not ideal, if conducted respectfully it provided a means to have their voices heard when they otherwise would not have.

New York City 1915

These landmark events were dignified and excusable because women weren’t permitted in the process like everyone else.

Once the vote was won, women could now join the rest of the nation at the polls.

But there is no excuse for assholes with an opinion to be roaming like mobs through the streets. It’s not like you need the world to see that you have an opinion. The world already knows you are constipated over the 2016 election, because they saw you crying on YouTube, tweeting death threats and screaming “Someone needs to fix this!” with tears running down your 19 year old cheeks… we get it. You have an opinion.

Portland 2016

But you don’t have to diss the entire process so many people sacrificed so much to hand down to you over the generations. But you are the snowflakes. Part of a generation that was given a trophy just for breathing. A generation that grew up watching a President win the Nobel Peace Prize just for being elected while black. Everyone’s a winner… and now you’re an adult, and the real world hits you smack between the eyes for the first time in your lives. You never learned how to lose because some people said competitive sports are testosterone fueled contests for future rapists. The sensible people said that to the contrary, it builds character…

And now we know they were right. You learn to lose gracefully… and not be an asshole.