Um, what? You know that peaceful protests and marches are part of a democratic foundation too…
Michael J. Motta

Ahhh…. No. Walking in the street has nothing at all to do with democracy. Especially a representative one.

You decide at the ballot box… not with a show of rage.

The measurement consists of counting the desire of those that vote, not how many angry people there are, including many who chose not to vote.

And I’m not aware of any conservative marches against the election results of those years. If there were any, they were just as wrong for the same reasons.

Do you know of any?

EDIT — here is what the NYT said of Obama inauguration protests:

“ Protesters, a fixture of every inauguration since President Nixon’s in 1973, were few and scattered on Tuesday as Barack Obama assumed the presidency. It appeared there were far more vendors looking to make a buck selling Inaugural Chocolate Bars and Obama Incense than protesters seeking to make a statement.”

Of those “protests” that were there, the NYT shows that they were actually pleas over specific issues. Code Pink was there to ask Obama to “stand up for peace”. Amnesty International was there to protest aganst Gitmo. etc. etc.

So the demonstrators that were there, were liberals… and not actually against Obama.

But hey, maybe you know something I don’t. If you know of any protests of the Obama elections…please share! You seem to claim to.

But if the massive amounts of racists in the Republican party failed to protest the inauguration of the first black man to rule the nation… accepting the results of the election… all that means is that the left are more rabid than racists in their hatred.

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