Capitalism hasn’t ever “created” anything.
Brendan Murphy

Ahhh… no. Capitalism says nothing at all about labor. It is entirely silent on the concept.

Capitalism says who owns what is created. The person that created it. All 
“labor” is, are those that help the creator build their creation in exchange for something of value (usually cash). They are free to help, or not help, or compete with the creator.

“Capitalism is a system about maximizing profits”


Profit = increase in value.

The more valuable a thing is compared to what went into it, is a measurement of efficiency.

Capitalism is the least efficient way to go, except for all of the other methods ever tried.

As such, capitalism increases the value of everything better than any other method known to exist. It is a wealth engine.

Also, your example is a bad one. That calculator has gone down in price in those 20 years. In 1997 dollars, that calculator cost $122 back then.

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