I was standing up for truth, justice, civil rights, and equality.

“...and I am realistic enough to know that this current administration has stirred up the dark underbelly of our nation.”

Ok, then you know that the left has been on a path of increasing violence and hatred… talking to the streets long before Trump was even on the radar let alone candidate, let alone president.

Obama ran on the race card, for example. He implicated America as a racist nation, and stoked black anger… he claimed that opposition to him as president was opposition to his skin color. He was about the most insulting bastard of a candidate ever to run. And when he ran, the press amplified that message, eagerly using his race as a wedge issue. Once he won, he inserted himself into *local law enforcement* starting with the events leading to the “beer summit”, where he sided with a black man and against the white cop, informing all of us that the entire issue was centered around race while having no facts. He would later repeat this sending the top law enforcer in the nation to personally investigate a local issue between a white cop and a black man in Ferguson, directly and personally injecting race into the incidents of the day, *again* without benefit of facts… where an investigation would ultimately find no fault with the cop, but thanks the anti white witch hunt, had to find that the entire police force was implicated anyway.

Even though cops would shoot more unarmed whites every year he was in office, he never once inserted the Feds into any of those.

Obama was clearly the first president of Black America. His biases were GLARING. With all black anger validated… and a rabid media eager to spin every story in terms of race right along with him… violence broke out in the streets again (the ultimate goal of a “community organizer”) with Black Lives Matter, a highly aggressive group attracting strong anti-white elements.

Instead of using his position to build a better bridge… Obama used it to burn that bridge down. This is his leftist activist training.

And the violence continued with Occupy Wallstreet (and Oakland and DC and …). By now the left had normalized violence in the streets *as the way to make change* as opposed to the ballot box. The democratic process was well subverted by this point.

Anti-white sentiment was growing… and with it open abandonment of border law enforcement through Obama, exposing the body America to direct invasion with people all too eager to join in hatred for whites… and all to ready to claim victim status.

After the cops being shot in assignation style actions surrounding BLM, the Obama administration LITERALLY supported angry Americans to continue to take to the streets and not be deterred by the horrific events it caused.

Flags are taken down… statues are targeted… it’s like the Taliban had come into the nation and wanted to cleanse it of it’s past.

The “dark underbelly” is already well exposed.

Then Trump.

After Trump wins, months from taking office, the left explodes… in the aggravated powder keg state that Obama left it in (by design).

The cries of racism and anti-white sentiment were loud and open. The press, again eager to paint anyone right of Mother Teresa as a racist, had already explained to us how Trump was a racist bigot… stoking anger and resentment… and the NEED of the press to make Trump into a leader of white nationalism, went out and found the dozen or so white nationalists it could find and pointed cameras on them as if they just showed up because Trump. They have always been there… and safely ignored, but now needed for the anti-trump campaign waged by the media.

And now whites in America were not only racist, but were fascists, according to the activists taking to the streets… targeting and smearing white conservatives in all public spaces, especially the university campus… where BLM was by now a well installed fixture.

Nearly a decade of relentless smearing of America as a racist hell hole had passed… and finally… wouldn’t you know it… the white nationalists have finally been able to recruit enough to grow as a direct response to the anti white movement, decide to show their minuscule strength at a rally in Charlottesville.

This is not important in that the KKK have always had their little rallies that show how backward they are… and it never works for them.

This time would be different… because they would be met by the forces grown out of the Obama years.

This is the part that is new.

Because all through this, the activist left has been acting as an organ of direct oppression. Oppression through fear and intimidation. Oppression by seeking to silence. Oppression by direct physical violence, practiced many times on campuses across the land.

Well practiced, the oppressors met the racists, for real this time.

So my question… “where were you” has to do with where were you during the many “practice games” that the Brownshirt left organized over the better part of the last decade (and even further), seemingly unaware enough to think that Trump did any of this.

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