Health Insurance: How Does It Work?
Yonatan Zunger

Any health care proposal that involves any spreading out of costs faces the same question as a tax proposal: how do we spread out that cost?”

  • *WE* don’t do anything. It’s not ours to spread.
  • If you want to form a medical “co-op”, you are certainly free to do so, and those members can do it any way they wish. The Christian “Medishare” does exactly that.
  • If an insurance company enters the market, it can select any method it chooses, leaving you free to join or not… but you don’t get to select how value is spread.
  • One can pay for medical products and services directly. (trade)
  • Finally, one can do their own medical care. (historically, the most common approach)

That’s life. And nobody gets out of it alive, as the saying goes.

The only other option is to use force to command medical products and services. This, of course, is the government approach. Extort it out of people.

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