Ryder seems to be deliberately missing the point.
Ang Harr

As pointed out, it also violates their values to ignore customers that complained about their experience. Sometimes values aren’t so simple.

And yes, Philz doesn’t want anyone with offensive odors, but certainly they don’t want anyone with odors so offensive that customers complain or abandon them.

It is not practical or reasonable for Philz to compile a list of 753 things that they need all customers to abide by.

The mere thought of this idea you are proposing is ridiculous.

The common sense thing is to understand that there is a potentially unlimited set of issues that might cause someone to be asked to leave, they cannot all be anticipated, and that the most OBJECTIVE way to proceed is based on real-time customer feedback.

That’s the adult way to go about it.

Hats off to Philz for being adults.

Not so much to the OP who didn’t simply disagree and vote with her feet… she decided to make a public jab at Philz. That’s the problem.