I am calling for nothing.

Baloney. Hell, the TITLE of your piece is REVOLUTION. Then you sing the praises of Castro that began his “political career” with a 100 man army. This is open support physical confrontation in the streets… all you are doing is debating if you are too old or too scared.

Clearly, the left thinks that “progress” is made in the streets… a seductive thought since the civil rights era seemed to yield some result… but those were MARCHES… not milling about expressing your opinion with a bicycle lock.

But this has come at a clear cost to thinking about issues and voting ones conscience… the idea behind western democracy. For when you take to the streets, you can’t come as an individual… you have to pick a side, and once you do that, you are running with a pack… their ideology is your ideology. Their actions are your actions. And that is steered typically by the most vocal and radical members. Then when “the other side” shows up you now have the ingredients for a “fight”… exactly the word you have adopted. The left has been hitting the streets for decades, fighting nobody… just society itself… smashing windows, blocking roads, setting fires, gutting businesses, graffiti, yelling… practice sessions for mob rule.

This is the horrifying cost of the left… the undoing of thought and democracy.

And you are in the thick of it.

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